Technical Consulting

Intcore can provide for you the technical consultation to help you fix your application bugs, prepare software analysis, provide for you on demand support, or even evaluate your current software and plan for the future enhancements

Technologies provides
Mobile App development (Android&ios)

Technical Consulting

if you have running project and planning to revamp the project or enhancement, intcore will help you to make deep analysis for the current situation and prepare full plan for the software future.

We have a specialty in understanding exactly what our clients think and need and the ability to consult them in turning these ideas into the perfect products. Even if you have a general idea we will help you through the understanding phase of the situation, assess you with the best strategy, develop the perfect plan for it, and created a prototype for you to check.

Convert your idea to Revenue

Mobile App ideas

Understanding your idea

Our highly-skilled team will listen to everything you need or want, will help you imagine your idea, understand it, and will help developing it into a successful project.

Mobile App Analysis software

Assessing the situation

That’s the second phase of the process, after developing the whole idea, our business and marketing team will check it out, make sure the market research is done.

Mobile App planning and analysis

Developing a plan

After making sure that the idea is well developed and the market research is well done, our business will offer you a step-by-step detailed proposal for the project.

Mobile App Ready product

The Final Prototype

That’s the last step of the process, after everything is agreed upon with our technical, business and marketing team, we will start creating your final prototype for the project.

Have running project and need technical support or situation analysis?

intcore have experts team will help & guide you to the best way for your future plans

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