HaYa Chat

Chat with individuals, groups and organisations completely incognito by sharing Burner Codes or scanning QR codes.No registration, no profile, no identifier giving you full control on who can connect to you.

Hayachat Mobile Application UK
Hayachat Mobile Application

Highlighted Features

Protected Identity

With no registration, creation of a profile or use of a unique identifiers, your identity is completely protected.

Burner Codes

Burner Codes allows you to control who connects to you. generate a chat Burner Code for each chat and give it to the people.

Contact Organization

Contact Organizations registered on HaYaOrg.com anonymously. Look out for the @organization or QR code on their website.

Data Control

Your data is encrypted and if you delete your data it is deleted from our servers and deleted from any connected chat.

Multimedia Safety

you cannot receive multimedia without authorising it per chat. Use of multimedia requires email verification.

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